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Geotechnical investigations are a critical factor in the success of a civil engineering project

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Investigations can include the assessment of the risk to humans

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Geotechnical and Civil Engineers
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Moss Engineering Ltd


Moss Engineering Ltd


Moss Engineering Ltd

About Us

A Few Words About Our Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is an important branch of civil engineering and focuses on the engineering behaviour of earth materials (soil, rock, minerals and water). Geotechnical investigations rely on the principles of soil and rock mechanics to investigate the underlying ground conditions of a site, and to determine the physical properties of the underlying soil or rockand it’s interaction with built structures.

The purpose of a site investigation is to gain an understanding of the area in which the engineering will take place and any risks posed by the site conditions.

Investigations can include the assessment of the risk to humans, property and the environment resulting from natural hazards such as, earthquakes, liquefaction, landslides, debris flows and rockfalls.

The information obtained from a geotechnical investigation will be used to assist with the design of, for example; building foundations, retaining walls, earthworks design, pavement design, slope debris protection works etc.

People who typically require geotechnical advice include; architects, builders, earthworks contractors, individual home owners, property developers and structural engineers.

Geotechnical investigations are a critical factor in the success of a civil engineering project. The early detection of any potentially problematic ground conditions can eliminate future design issues, construction issues and unwanted additional expense.

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Moss Engineering Ltd

In fact, good geotechnical advice early on in a project often results in cost savings. So don’t take a chance with your project, Moss Engineering Ltd. can provide quality, reliable professional advice tailored to individual requirements.

our Services

Geotechnical Site Investigations

  • Hand Auger Boreholes
  • Test Pitting
  • Machine Borehole Drilling and Core Logging
  • Groundwater Monitoring - Standpipes and Piezometers
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPTs)
  • Geophysical Ground Surveys

Geotechnical Reporting and Analysis

  • Slope Stability Analysis and Slope Stabilisation Recommendations
  • Cliff top Sites
  • Liquefaction Analysis
  • All reports provide comments and recommendations for the proposed development in terms of land stability and founding conditions
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